YEAP MY DECISION IS FINAL IM GONNA
                                 MOVE     THIS     BLOG     SOMEWHERE.

          mostly because my brain  demanDS  a  new
          environment anD I REALLY DONT WANT TO
          LOSE   JACK   BECAUSE   HE’S   LIKE   THE

                           I’m sorry, I just need a  new  environment,  and  I  feel
                           like this is the best way to go. It’ll be up when I’m free.
                           I’ve got the URL saved, and I’ll be dropping all threads.
                                                   ——- - but if you want to keep some, please, feel
                                                             free to tell me. <3

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           ◤                                                                            ◥

                      independent   merida  roleplay   blog.                                  dunbroch
                      6  +   years   of   roleplay   experience.                                      ▆▆
                      multiverse & multifandom & multiship.                                      ▆▆
                      one - liners,    paras,    novella’s,    etc.                                 l e t t e r s
                      all icons are made by me. no stealing.                                      ▆▆
                      mature  & possible triggering  content                                       ▆▆
                      will      be     tagged      as      needed.                                  l    a    w
                      oc’s     &   crossovers   are     welcome.                                       ▆▆
                      askbox         is         always         open.                                       ▆▆
                      tracking     the     tag     #    scxrletlass.                                  v e r s e s


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what the fuck there’s 400 of you

i made this blog about 4 months ago, and honestly i never thought i would enjoy it this much. i’ve rp’d in a lot of different fandoms, and the hp fandom has to be the kindest and friendliest i’ve encountered. everyone here is so amazing, and i wish i could hug you all and bake you cookies. you’re all wonderful for sticking with me through hiatuses and tough times, and i just wanted to say thank you. everyone on this list is absolutely wonderful, and deserves some love!

bolded: muns i’m friends with
italicised: people i look up to
normal: we rp and i love it/you/your character OR we don’t rp, i just think you’re really talented

if you aren’t bolded or italicised, that means you’re on here because i a) think you’re a really great person, b) love your writing, c) love your character, d) smile whenever i see you on my dash. you’re just as special as the bolded/italicised urls!! also if you think we’re friends and i haven’t bolded you, pls tell me we’re friends bc sometimes i’m not sure and i’m really really shy

disclaimer: i woke up about half an hour ago and it took me five tries to write my url properly. i’m tired. like, really tired. if i forgot anyone, i’m so so so sorry and i will make a follow-up post if i did.

a - g
blackxbxrd carminelocks chasingstags constantquibbling cowbxy 
cxritas dxminae empathd freakishflower gxldenxflash 

h - p
hxlfbloods inlunanocet ipsxm malfoah memingxr motherhxgger 
mxchaelis odoruhinokazeviii orionblxck osbxrn princexedward prnkstr

q - t
quietvs raserix remusx reno-of-the-turks shardsofelsa shutuppxtter 
slytheringamma solemquis stagofpride stxg tforted 
thehalfbloodprinceofpotions thesmartestintheroom 

u - z
xmagizoologist xnixprincipis xpeeves xspxctrum xtoothless 

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so basically, I somehow managed to reach 250 followers and I’m just freaking out a little bit. I never expected I’d get this far so quickly! I just want to love you all down and thank you soooo much for following me and being amazing and wonderful and AHHH ily all. Anyhoo, this is just a way to show my appreciation for special loves! 

My buds - aka people i talk to and love a lot!

lindmaer || sjefastrid || whitehairedloner || ckaligrapya / istrxtegist || bathhousedragon || astridthenadderqueen || thestormflier

Httyd blogs I roleplay with or admire!

vxlka || thatsforthelies || gobberbelch || hopingforsomemauling || sintnatt || formerdragontrapper || feralqueendancer || moonscxles || valhaddock || withmyface || noctxfurores || hairyhooliganchief || hoffersdottir || stxrmfly || im-a-hiccup || theaxeeffectt || stormflyrider || thefearlessastrid || cloudjxmper || blindxloyalty || theferrariofdragons || toofres || amotherneverforgets || raserix || noctefurores || blue-eyed—viking || ask-fira || fortislucem || thunderdrum-tamer || fulminiis || xultimum || uselessrxptile || beautiful-despite-herself || niflhxim || hookfangjorgenson || impxlsiveness || imjustastormcutter || redrubyraven || thetuffterror || 

non Httyd blogs I roleplay with or admire!

ponyerrandboy || wispsofdestiny || now-my-life-has-begun || goldenpetals || xbratty || sharpshootinglass || vinterbein || dontknowhowtoknock || klossxt || thestaffoffrost || mxgamind || fellthroughtheice || exspectavimus || stupidcoolfinnparty || stillcas || crazygearheadwesley || xnixprincipis || littlepink-ninja || hannah-the-small || bearmaster-merida || awkwardspareheiress || noingredient || phxntsm || equusalatus || wxnderingfree || the-wicked-green-witch || snihovakoroleva || aiwxiwa || ectoplxsm || how-we-say-hello || haldes || melancholxa || curiozitxte || unseenmockingjay || ivespentmyentirelifehiding || snowandreign || ducklingsandfjords || stallatusalae || xmerifri || langehaare || thawedxheart || @goldxnflower ||

if you’re not on here, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, it’s either because i accidentally missed you or we haven’t really interacted or we haven’t been interacting long or something. ANYHOO. If you’re on here and we don’t really talk that means i admire you from afar >_>

love me

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So this is a little late, but I hit 100 followers yesterday and ahhh I can’t believe it! I honestly had no idea that this blog would take off so quickly, and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for the wonderful people I’ve been able to meet through it. Although every single one of the people I follow is fantastic, here are a few who have truly made my roleplaying experience truly wonderful! Thank you guys so so very much!

{ Those who I’ve interacted with/spoken to and absolutely adore~ }

daringxdarlingg // fetchinglyfeisty // awkwardspareheiress // spxre // snihovakoroleva // princessexsoleil // sirenaderoja // xdragonmaster // consumerofdarkness // vinterbein // to-see-floating-lanterns-gleam

Wish I Could Be Part of Your World
Those who I admire from afar!

frostbittenfuntimes // xconcealed // lxntxrns // theonlythief // sxphir // thefearlessastrid // spareheiress // xspare // xnixprincipis // aviscaptum // snowandreign // scxrletlass // bearmaster-merida // aiwxiwa // xfrecklles // gelidus

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So I think this is the part where I make some long speech? I’m honestly not great at that sort of thing so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

So this blog has really only been up for a month and a few days now and the fact that there are 200+ of you following lil old me is absolutely incredible. And many of you are people that I seriously admire, be it for your writing or personality or whatever else. Basically, you guys rock. Can’t even begin to express how thankful I am, like seriously. So this is just a list of some of those special people that I’ve met and/or admire.

If you’re not on here, I hope you won’t take it personally. It’s a list of those I greatly admire and consider my friends, so if we’ve never spoken or anything, chances are you aren’t here. (I also may have derped and missed you) However! I love to make new friends and plot with all sorts of people. I’ve got so many ideas and things that I haven’t gotten to do yet so please don’t be afraid to approach me!

Like I said, short and sweet. Thanks again guys <3

                           ❅  Special Snowflakes ❅
My closest friends on this silly website. You guys are
always there when I need you without fail. We make
each other laugh and cry and come up with all of the
shenanigans and AUs and I just love you guys to death
kay? Some of the loveliest people I've met uvu

xnixprincipis —- SYYLARRR. You’re a lil shit and so’s your muse but you’re one of the best Jack’s out there, I swear. Even if it takes you a while to reply, I never mind because your replies are always worth waiting for. You’re wonderful and funny and awesome and so open and kind too and we will one day RP ALL THE AU THREADS. IT WILL HAPPEN. Seriously though, you’re a really great friend and your writing is phenomenal so keep it up alright?

frostypeterpan —— ahhhh one of the first (and best) Jack’s I’ve ever RPed with! So glad your back from hiatus! We need to pick up our old threads or start up some new ones cause I miss you uvu But anyways, yeah, wonderful writing and  brilliant portrayal. Some of our threads have actually made me tear up man like jeez we can go from a smut thread to an angst thread in seconds I swear and it’s wonderful. Keep being awesome uvu

prince-hans-of-douchebagistan —- Abby! I swear we just have pages and pages of Hansla angst like my goodness these two will never be happy if we have anything to say about it. Because of you I can nEVER GET MARRIED IN A GARDEN OR ANYTHING GEE THANKS. but seriously foliage of any sort is not to be trusted. Definitely one of my best friends on Tumblr and I hope we can be even closer <3 uvu Even though my replies to our threads take a while sometimes, our threads are some of my favorites and I hope we’ll have bunches more in the future, angsty or otherwise!

ice-master-kristoff —- You’re still on hiatus right now, but hopefully you’ll be back soon! Your kristoff is absolutely perfect and I hope that someday we can continue our old threads because I loved writing with you. Here’s hoping you;ll return soon! ^_^

                        ❅ Citizens of Arendelle ❅
These are people I absolutely adore, yet have
only written with or spoken to a little bit. Regardless
of that, however, they're all lovely and I'd be super
happy if we could become closer in the future!


                        ❅ Dukes and Duchesses ❅
These are those special people that I really admire
for their writing, character choice and portrayal,
creativity and over all personalities. Also known as the
people I desperately wish to write with but I'm too afraid
to approach because shy ;;; but yeah, y'all are great.

princexedwardpxntmercypxrtisanbanishedkingxthirteenthfauxdivinityflynrdermalxficushavfrxefriigusfrigidumgelidusxfreckllesxprinsessespxretoothixnaxferapuerfxtzherbertpeacekeepxrindxstrialistsolemquisxmarinheirobeartxmermalifiicusroyalprincehansaiwxiwaspiritofelliespeakshxrmindstabilitatesxenshieuphoniiouscheldoraadolordxmiguelcruxllacelestii  ❅ wxndybirdcowbxy

                         ❅ Other Kingdoms ❅
So I'm not really sure whether you guys are here for
Elsa or me or just my writing but if in fact it's one of the
latter two, I figured I'd list the other places you can find me!

morgixna ( Morgiana from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, active )

aokisai ( Azula from A:TLA, under construction. )

chxtnoir ( Adrien/ Chat Noir from The Miraculous Lady Bug,
under construction. )

mxlec ( my personal account, active. )

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                   ❛ there were dragons when i was a boy …  

                  (  ) ; 10 + years writing exp /  4 +  years  rping   exp
                  ( ) ; formerly  drxconemcordis  // written  by  sylar
                   ) ; independent        selective         au        hiccup
                  (  ) ; multi  -  verse   one  relationship   per   verse
 ) ; flexible writing style // para/novella/chats etc.

              !!! both httyd 1 & 2 hiccup verses available; no smut

                         {      home || rules || about || navigation    }

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trulydivinx said: { oh okay i see. i’m sorry bae ashfdkl - - i’ll keep you company i guess ??? if you want ??? }

i will find it a way buT YES PLEASE

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trulydivinx said: { t hey took your hard drive what }

like an external usb? it has photoshop, all my movies, basically alL MY STUFF AND THEY TOOK IT AND WHY AND WHAT FOR WHEN IVE BEEN SO GOOD ALL WEEK U GHHH

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"If you never try, you'll never know" 

- Fix You by Coldplay [x]

So appropriate

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I’m pretty sure this is why my cat hates me

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